How to Write an Abortion Research Paper

Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. It is a contentious topic globally. Abortion in some countries is illegal but legal in some other states. Different individuals have varying opinions on the subject matter. You realize that a good research paper on abortion is demanding. It requires intense research to get the correct statistics. The students need facts to create and defend their arguments.
You should explain the positive and negative sides of abortion. You should also support your arguments with facts and figures. A research paper essay can either be:

  • Argumentative essay
    In this type of essay, you make your stand on the argument known to the reader. You express your stand by the thesis statement. Despite stating your position, you should also explain both angles of the argument. You should then argue your points to convince your reader to join your team.
  • Analytic essay
    You explain both sides of the subject matter without stating your stand. Your main aim is not to persuade your reader to join your team. You aim to educate and let the reader choose which side he or she wants to join. Abortion, as a disputed topic, has two opposition teams. The first group will comprise of individuals who are in support of life. They believe that you should not take away life even in its early stages of living. They are against abortion. These are individuals who stick to religion. The other group consists of people who believe that a woman has a right to choose. She can decide to keep the baby or get rid of it. They are in support of abortion. While you write my paper about abortion, you should discuss both opinions in depth.

How to write an Abortion Research Paper

Conduct an intensified research

You should use the research resources to get information on abortion. The internet is vast with information. You can use medical journals and books too. You can schedule interviews with medical personnel. It helps one to get more information on the effects of abortion. Make sure that these sources are reliable and up to date to avoid using false information on your essay.

Choose a topic for the research essay

The topic should be captivating. It should grasp your reader’s attention and make them want to read more. Your topic can state your stand on the topic discussion: abortion. If there are guidelines to follow on the topic writing, be sure to follow them. It should be precise yet comprehensive.

Write the essay

Before you write the essay, you need first to identify yourself with the essay outline. The essay has three sections.

The introduction

It contains a brief description of what the essay is about. You are to introduce the discussion on abortion. It highlights your main point of research. The introduction also contains a thesis statement. It states your stand on abortion. The introductions should be amusing. It should prompt the reader to read more with anticipation.


It is the flesh of the thesis. It contains your discussion on abortion in depth. You can discuss the background of abortion. You can analyze the world views on abortion with supporting evidence. You can answer questions like what makes abortion a viable option? You should also explain the positive and negative consequences of abortion. You should present each idea in a different paragraph.


It is the summary of the essay. You summarize each argument presented in the body. Do not introduce a new point in the conclusion. You can conclude with your thesis statement. You can also choose to prompt a thought to your readers to make them want to read more on the topic.
After you finish your essay, it is important to proofread your work. You can ask a third party to do it for you. It will help you get rid of grammatical errors and correct other mistakes.
I hope you will benefit from these tips for writing an abortion research essay.

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