Academic Writing Tips Tue, 23 Feb 2021 14:45:41 +0000 en-US hourly 1 32 32 How to Write an Abortion Research Paper Wed, 22 Apr 2020 08:23:43 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. It is a contentious topic globally. Abortion in some countries is illegal but legal in some other states. Different individuals have varying opinions on the subject matter. You realize that a good research paper on abortion is demanding. It requires intense research to get the correct statistics. The students need facts to create and defend their arguments.
You should explain the positive and negative sides of abortion. You should also support your arguments with facts and figures. A research paper essay can either be:

  • Argumentative essay
    In this type of essay, you make your stand on the argument known to the reader. You express your stand by the thesis statement. Despite stating your position, you should also explain both angles of the argument. You should then argue your points to convince your reader to join your team.
  • Analytic essay
    You explain both sides of the subject matter without stating your stand. Your main aim is not to persuade your reader to join your team. You aim to educate and let the reader choose which side he or she wants to join. Abortion, as a disputed topic, has two opposition teams. The first group will comprise of individuals who are in support of life. They believe that you should not take away life even in its early stages of living. They are against abortion. These are individuals who stick to religion. The other group consists of people who believe that a woman has a right to choose. She can decide to keep the baby or get rid of it. They are in support of abortion. While you write my paper about abortion, you should discuss both opinions in depth.

How to write an Abortion Research Paper

Conduct an intensified research

You should use the research resources to get information on abortion. The internet is vast with information. You can use medical journals and books too. You can schedule interviews with medical personnel. It helps one to get more information on the effects of abortion. Make sure that these sources are reliable and up to date to avoid using false information on your essay.

Choose a topic for the research essay

The topic should be captivating. It should grasp your reader’s attention and make them want to read more. Your topic can state your stand on the topic discussion: abortion. If there are guidelines to follow on the topic writing, be sure to follow them. It should be precise yet comprehensive.

Write the essay

Before you write the essay, you need first to identify yourself with the essay outline. The essay has three sections.

The introduction

It contains a brief description of what the essay is about. You are to introduce the discussion on abortion. It highlights your main point of research. The introduction also contains a thesis statement. It states your stand on abortion. The introductions should be amusing. It should prompt the reader to read more with anticipation.


It is the flesh of the thesis. It contains your discussion on abortion in depth. You can discuss the background of abortion. You can analyze the world views on abortion with supporting evidence. You can answer questions like what makes abortion a viable option? You should also explain the positive and negative consequences of abortion. You should present each idea in a different paragraph.


It is the summary of the essay. You summarize each argument presented in the body. Do not introduce a new point in the conclusion. You can conclude with your thesis statement. You can also choose to prompt a thought to your readers to make them want to read more on the topic.
After you finish your essay, it is important to proofread your work. You can ask a third party to do it for you. It will help you get rid of grammatical errors and correct other mistakes.
I hope you will benefit from these tips for writing an abortion research essay.

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15 Outstanding Topics for the Best Research Papers Wed, 22 Apr 2020 08:19:23 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Even though it could be a bit of a challenge, every student has to write a research paper at one time or the other. Not to scare you, but you need to put in a lot of time and effort to come up with the best paper. However, you don’t need to worry so much, so you don’t get distracted from regular school work.
The easiest way to not get so bothered about your research paper is to come up with a topic you can confidently write. In most cases, you would be given the liberty of choosing a topic by yourself. Otherwise, your instructor might choose as he/she wills.
Whatever you do, try to make the report as lively and exciting as you can. An engaging research paper that stands out from the rest will guarantee you higher grades.

How You Can Choose Outstanding Topics

In choosing the right topic, you have to strike a balance. You must ensure that you are neither doing too much nor doing too little. An ideal topic should keep your readers engaged from the very first line until they finish reading.
In selecting an outstanding topic, the following are to be considered:

  1. Your Topic Must Be Clear Enough

    While choosing your essay topic, ensure that you understand everything that has to do with your topic. You can only write an outstanding paper when you have a full grasp of the topic. When you are well-read on the topic, only then will you be able to covey our thoughts appropriately to your readers. Don’t forget to ask questions if necessary.

  2. Try not to beat around the bush

    Do not confuse your research paper with a descriptive essay. You will be required to have facts and figures in the body of your research paper. While making your factual statements, you should make real-life examples and illustrations to drive home your points.

  3. Creativity is Very Important

    You should consider using a creative writing approach that sets you apart from the rest. Your topic should discuss your subject area from a perspective that sparks interest. Try to look for facts that are not well known as it would leave your readers blown away.

Suggested Research Paper Topics

The following are examples of topics for you to choose from:

  1. Who are the best models? Athletes or
  2. Moral Decadence in Children: The Role of Social Media
  3. Who is to blame for Homelessness?
  4. Should Marijuana Be Legalized?
  5. Causes and Effects of Domestic Violence
  6. Sex Education: Why it is Important in High School
  7. Teenage Pregnancy and Drug Abuse
  8. American College Education System and The Job Market: What are the Missing Links
  9. Analyzing the differences between the Male and Female Hearts
  10. Edu Business: Are Universities Becoming Profit Oriented?
  11. The Uncanny Relationship Between Business and Terrorism
  12. The Place of Religion in College Education
  13. The Role of Feminism in An Emerging American Society
  14. Male Rape: Causes and Effects
  15. Prevention of Domestic Violence

While writing a research paper can be a challenging task, it is not necessarily an impossible one. You just need the right research and instructions. With the suggested topics above and further research, you can write an original paper that will earn you more marks. On the other hand, you can buy a cheap labor research paper online and save lots of time and energy.

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How To Write A University-Level Research Paper Wed, 22 Apr 2020 08:13:28 +0000 Continue reading ]]> If you need to write a good university-level research paper, you may require some helpful guidance to lead you through the process successfully.

  1. Compose a winning intro.
  2. The main goal of the intro is to get your readers interested. Explain to your readers why you have chosen this topic, and why you think that this area is interesting or deserves deeper exploration. Touched by your own interest, your readers will keep on reading your work. Remember to use hooks—unexpected facts, a description of impressive events, etc. These will keep your readers engaged. Don’t overdo it, though: the intro should not be too long.

  3. Compose a smart conclusion.
  4. Remember the goals you listed in the intro and show how you have achieved them in the conclusion. Speak about your plans regarding the further exploration of the topic. If there is something special you would like to share with your readers, say it in the conclusion.

  5. Be clear.
  6. Remember that the research paper is written not for yourself and not for your supervisor, but for common readers. Keep in mind that the readers may not understand anything from the text unless you choose the simplest words and explain everything in detail.

  7. Use paragraphs smartly.
  8. If you have a lot of text (passages that occupy more than a page), split it into paragraphs. They make comprehension easier. Keep in mind whether the thought in each of them is completed. Avoid creating too many paragraphs where they are not required.

  9. Avoid plagiarism.
  10. Always remember where your text is and where you have inserted citations from other people’s works. Rendering quotes from reference sources of information, always mention them in the bibliography page. This is how you will show that you are a true professional who can respect the work of other people and have your own thoughts and ideas.

  11. Remember formatting demands.
  12. These demands depend greatly on the style that you choose (or are told to choose) for your project. Different academic styles have different demands and standards, so if you want to compose a really winning project, check the organization and formatting twice.

  13. Keep all the pages in place.
  14. Find out which parts of the research paper are demanded by your supervisor and which can be omitted. You are not the one who can decide whether a certain page is necessary or whether another one can be deleted. Make sure that your work does not lack anything really important, even if you got your work done by research paper writing services. Always choose only the best services to write your research papers and avoid scammers. Discuss all your points of view on this matter with your supervisor.

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Tips To Make Your Essay About Gender Equality Impressive Thu, 24 Jan 2019 12:04:51 +0000 Continue reading ]]> There is great interest in reading through an essay about gender equality. This is because of the diverse views that people and institutions hold regarding the subject. A lot has also been written on the subject. Still more remains to be said about gender equality because the world is growing by the day. Here are expert tips on how to produce a captivating paper on gender equality to impress your teacher and get the best grades.

Master the Rules of Writing a Gender Equality Essay

Academic writing is guided by very strict rules. Unless these rules are followed, your paper will not meet the required standards. The rules are meant to enable readers to understand the topic you are discussing and the approach you have given. Following the rules also ensures that the readers are not confused about your original work and sections that have been quoted. Consult your teacher in case some instructions are vague.

Gender Equality Essay Topics Must Be Interesting To Read

The decision to read a paper or bypass it will depend on the topic. Even examiners will form opinions about papers based on the topic. You therefore need to choose a topic that is captivating to read. This topic should also be relevant to the area of study. It must capture what is explored in the body of a paper. Here are interesting Gender Equality Essay Topics to consider.

  • Is gender equality a myth?
  • Why are women interested in roles played by men and not the vice-versa?
  • Is natural selection responsible for gender inequality?
  • Why it appears as though gender equality is about women rights
  • Why women are less competitive leading to inequalities
  • Is there natural instinct in the roles that men and women automatically take up?
  • Why affirmative action has not solved gender inequality gaps
  • It will take women to liberate women
  • There is no religion that provides a balanced place for both men and women
  • The role of media in enhancing gender equality

Quality Reference Materials For Your Gender Equality Essay Paper

The quality of materials you use when crafting your paper determines the veracity of ideas discussed. Go for high quality books, journals, articles and other reference materials that you use. They should come from the library, professional writing websites and such other sources that guarantee quality.

Proofread Samples of Essay on Gender Equality
Use examples to guide you through the writing process. Examples help you craft the best topic, draft an introduction that is interesting and format the paper appropriately, among other writing requirements. This example will only help if it comes from a credible source. Remember that the sample is for reference purposes and not to be copied. In fact, you might need several samples to guide you on different aspects.

Equality of Gender Essay Writing Websites

Get reference materials and help from writing websites. These websites are set up to assist students get quality and proofread materials like samples and outlines, among others. You can also hire a professional writer to work on your paper instead of having to spend a lot of time on it.

Polish Your Essay on Equality of Gender
Edit your paper before submission. This exercise is meant to eliminate errors that may cause misinterpretation or misrepresentation. Hire a professional editor who understands gender equality issues to polish the paper.

The best essay on gender equality is one that adheres to instructions provided. Consult your teacher in case there are areas you do not understand. There are professional essay services online that will help boost the quality of your paper at a reasonable fee.

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Tips on Drafting the Best Gender Roles in Society Essay Thu, 24 Jan 2019 12:02:21 +0000 Continue reading ]]> When asked to write an essay on gender roles in modern society, a lot goes on in a student’s mind. You have to think about the title, structure, formatting and amount of time to spend on the paper, among other aspects. The approach you give the paper will determine whether this becomes an easy or challenging exercise for you.

Review Gender Roles Essay Instructions Provided

Every academic paper comes with unique instructions. It is these instructions that shape your paper. The instructions determine the activities you undertake towards completion of your Gender Roles Essay. Some of the crucial instructions to consider include the expected length, formatting style, language and approach to writing. In case some instructions are not clear, you are required to consult your teacher.

Choose the Best Gender Roles Essay Topics

A reader is attracted to your paper based on the topic. The topic chosen must signal that the discussion will be on gender roles and not any other topic. It should be fresh and interesting to read. Here are captivating topics to consider on gender roles.

  1. Is gender discussion a denial of equal humanity?
  2. Has nature automatically defined gender roles and possibilities?
  3. Why different societies assign similar roles to one gender
  4. Is gender equality going to weaken the natural balance of the society?
  5. The institution of marriage and its place in cementing gender roles
  6. Human physiology and negation of gender roles
  7. Religion and its contribution to gender roles
  8. Military and gender roles
  9. Why science remains a dominated by men
  10. Gender debate in sports

Develop An Outline For Your Essay on Gender Roles

An outline helps you to organize the points you are going to use when drafting your paper. It gives you an idea of the points to appear at the top and those to follow. It is a planning board that helps you to be strategic about the points you explore. By gauging the strength of each point, you can decide whether it will be at the beginning, in the middle or end.

Get Examples of Essay About Gender Roles
An example of the paper you are writing will help you understand and execute instructions better. The examples help you to craft a title, draft your introduction, format and adapt the best structure, among other writing elements.

Hire a Professional Writer For Your Essay on Gender Roles in Society

You are likely to fall short of time or resources to write your paper. Instead of missing the submission deadline or producing poor quality work, it is advisable that you hire a professional writer. Ensure that the writer is trained and experienced in academic writing. This leaves you with free time to handle other projects and responsibilities like friends, family and work. Contact eWritingService to save your time and effort.

Edit Your Gender Roles in Society Essay
It is a grave mistake to submit your paper without editing. Editing the paper helps to eliminate grammatical, syntax, and other types of errors that might be on your paper. Hire an editor who is trained and experienced to handle academic work. The editor should also be trained and especially on a discipline related to what your paper is about. This gives him the technical understanding necessary to produce excellent quality work.

A gender roles essay will be easy or difficult based on the tactics you use when writing the paper. Gather all the resources you need before commencing on the work. In case some areas are not clear, your teacher is available to provide assistance. Do not submit a paper that is not edited because the errors will degrade your performance.

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